Evolution on Equity Crowdfunding

Venture Bonsai, established in 2010, has accumulated long experience in helping entrepreneurs raise equity funding from private investors. Venture Bonsai has been the leader of equity crowdfunding and now the company is pushing the concept to its next stage along various directions. Company’s mission has always been to create new and innovative funding mechanism for startups and growth companies, a market the company has successfully helped develop since its inception. Based on that experience, and guided by the long-term plans, the company is now moving Venture Bonsai to a novel service concept.

The Venture Bonsai Platform integrates smoothly into the well established processes already in place at most financial institutions. Our approach supports a gradual evolution towards a model where every step of an investments into an unlisted company can be assisted with the appropriate online tools. Advanced features such as virtual data room, social media integration, investor emails and share subscription calculator ensure that these services can be run for your investors in a managed way. These key tools enable a smooth and consistent investment process with a large number of potential investors.

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