HitSeed is on a mission to revolutionize the IoT!


HitSeed is on a mission to change how companies, both small and large, develop new innovative products via modern IoT solutions, digitalization and new collaborative ways of working. Seedling and SeedNode are new platforms for building commercial scale connected products for IoT and wearables.

This little thing (pictured) can be completely reprogrammed over the air. For example, with only 30 lines of script code it can be made to behave like sports tracker!

SeedNode and Seedling IoT platforms provide a revolutionary solution for building intelligent, power- and cost-optimized connected products at commercial scale.

Main advantages of the platforms include

  • Single and complete platform aimed for commercial products. The platforms have been built from the ground-up for building commercial products. The same hardware solutions or software written for prototypes can be used in the mass-scale commercialized products.
  • State-of-the art architecture in miniature scale. The platforms are based on modern 32-bit ARM microcontrollers running Real-time Operating System (RTOS). They communicate via a local Bluetooth LE (BLE)-radio with mobile devices and gateways that are further connected to cloud. Platforms come with a set of core capabilities (e.g. accelerometer, gyro, programmable beacon). Hardware capabilities can be extended without modifications in the core platform via hardware extension interface.
  • A new programming paradigm. HitSeed has developed a very powerful, easy-to-learn scripting API and software development kit for programming the platform without the need to use native, low-level coding.  A typical product functionality requires only a few lines of code and can be implemented in days. Functionality can be further extended via companion apps running on mobile devices and in the cloud.
  • Extremely low power consumption. The platforms are designed to be truly wireless, they are powered with batteries or even with energy harvesting. HitSeed’s power-optimized hardware, software and algorithms allow building sensor nodes that operate with a coin cell battery for months, even more than a year. This means that the power requirements for intelligent data sensoring are in the range of 1/100 to 1/1000 of typical embedded Linux-based single-board computer solutions.
  • Local and swarm intelligence without online connection. The platforms have a full-blown Lua-interpreter bridging access to native functionality and hardware. This means that the platforms are able to make local decisions and sensor, process, predict, and store data without an online connection. By utilizing the local radio, the nodes can talk to each other and e.g. share data for sensor fusion purposes.
  • Dynamic functionality programmed over-the-air. The script-based programming means that the nodes can be reprogrammed easily just by sending a new script to the node over the radio connection. This means that nodes can be updated or repurposed for other tasks without physical access to to device. During the product development this speeds up the process drastically as it is possible to update and change the program while the sensor is measuring data from the actual target.

Check out also the Product Briefing and learn more at www.hitseed.com.