Venture Bonsai Alumni Appgyver Gets More Funding

One of the most important issues when accepting capital via equity crowdfunding is ensuring that company is in such a condition so that it can look for more funding in the future. Successful fast-growing companies typically need more than just one crowdfunding or other investment round. A recent success story was recently published by TechCrunch regarding AppGyver Inc., which closed additional venture capital funding (see


According to their release, Appgyver announced having raised a $2.5 million funding round by Initial Capital and Open Ocean Capital. AppGyver is an HTML5-centric development platform for quickly building mobile apps. Initial Capital is an early investor in companies like Supercell.  Open Ocean Capital is a Finnish venture capital firm, which was established by the founders of MySQL.

AppGyver, founded in 2011, was among the first companies to successfully raise money via the equity crowdfunding service Venture Bonsai. Venture Bonsai is the first Nordic crowdfunding platform focusing on equity crowdfunding rounds. Important matters for doing equity crowdfunding properly include signing right kind of shareholders’ agreement as well as handling the post-investment shareholder issues properly.

Venture Bonsai sees the further investability of the companies extremely important. Venture Bonsai is also the first platform to demonstrate how to do this properly, enabling the future growth of the crowdfunded companies. “We see it extremely important for our customer companies that they can receive further financing also from other sources than the crowd. Also ensuring that the company is exitable is equally important” says Antti Hannula, the Chairman of the Board of Venture Bonsai.

Venture Bonsai ( is a Nordic Equity Crowdfunding paltform for start-ups and growth companies. It enables companies to run investment rounds of up to 1.5M€, with individual investments starting at 500 euros. The service is free of charge for the investors and has been built to strictly follow the Finnish and EU financial regulation.